win a tesla

Stand a Chance to WIN a Tesla!

Congratulations to our winners

9 November 2022 - Mr. Tay Han Koon
9 December 2022 - Mr. Fatehpuria Raghav
9 January 2023 - Mr. Miao Miao

These are the legal terms for our "Stand a Chance to WIN a Tesla!" Lucky Draw (organised by us, Trust Bank Singapore Limited).

Who can participate?

This draw is open to any Trust customer whose Trust account is valid (not suspended or terminated) and in good standing (as decided by us). If you meet the requirements, you automatically qualify for this draw.

You get an additional draw chance for every successful referral under the Trust Member Get Member Program during the promotion period.

All non-winning customers who qualified for the earlier draw date will be automatically qualified for the next draw date(s). This means that if you do not win at the first draw, you will automatically qualify for the next two draws unless you win at the second draw.

When can you qualify for this draw?

We will run this promotion till 31 December 2022 – this is the promotion period.

When will the draw be conducted?

This draw will be conducted on 3 dates with external auditors present at our offices in Singapore. Draw location, 77 Robinson Road, #25-00, Singapore 068896:
  • 9 November 2022 (cut-off date to qualify for this draw is 31 October 2022)
  • 9 December 2022 (cut-off date to qualify for this draw is 30 November 2022)
  • 9 January 2023 (cut-off date to qualify for this draw is 31 December 2022)

What will you win?

The prize for this draw is a Tesla Model 3 in Trust blue. We are giving away a prize on each draw date!

Just to note that the prize will not include the Certificate of Entitlement, insurance, costs of registration and costs involving the upkeep of the car.

What happens if you win?

If you win, you have to accept the prize as it is and you agree to keep the Tesla Model 3 in Trust blue for at least 6 months. You cannot request for us to transfer it to someone else or exchange this for credit or cash.

If you win, to give others a chance, you will not be able to win the prize again at any remaining draw dates.

To ensure that you are aware that you have won, we will notify you and may publish your name within 7 working days from the Draw date.

If you win, you must collect it from us within 7 days from the date we notify you that you have won. If you fail to claim your prize within 7 days from the date, your prize will be forfeited and given to the second winner. We will draw up to 5 potential winners for each prize.

You consent to us disclosing and/or publishing your name, particulars and photographs for publicity activities organised or endorsed by us. You must participate in any publicity activity organised or endorsed by us without expecting any compensation from us. You cannot speak to the press or any media regarding the Draw without our consent.

Our General Terms and Conditions also apply to this promotion.